How often should I clean my ear canal?

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The secretion produced in our ears is earwax. Many people often pick out their ears regularly or even frequently out of the need for their own hygiene. But many people say that there is no need to deal with earwax because it will fall out on its own.

How often should the ear canal be cleaned?

The specific time should be judged and analyzed based on the secretion of the cerumen glands in the ears. The earwax cleaning time is not fixed and is related to the nature of the patient's ear canal, diet and other factors. Normally, earwax cleaning is done once every 1-2 months. Frequent ear cleaning can easily cause inflammation and infection. If you do not know how to clean your ears, you should see a regular hospital for effective medical treatment.

The flora in the ear canal has its own ecological balance. If the ears are artificially disturbed and the ears are removed, repeated excessive ear removal may cause pain and itching in the external auditory canal. It can even damage the skin of the external auditory canal and cause inflammation.

The healthy external auditory canal itself has a self-cleaning function, so there is no need to clean it frequently. In most cases, earwax will slowly move from the inside of the ear canal to the opening of the ear canal, dry in the air and form yellow flakes, and eventually fall off and be discharged out of the ear. If someone like Xiao Li cleans his ear canal frequently, without the protection of earwax, it is easy to cause damage to the ear canal. If you use too much force when digging, the skin of the external auditory canal and even the eardrum are damaged, and bacteria take the opportunity to invade, causing otitis externa. If the method is improper, the earwax will be pushed deep into the ear canal, blocking the ear canal and affecting hearing.

If you really want to remove your ears, it is recommended to use a clean cotton swab to gently remove the earwax. If you have oily ears and the earwax is not easy to dry and discharge on its own, you can use a cotton swab dipped in a little 75% alcohol to clean the external auditory canal frequently. You can just pick out the ear once every half a month or so.

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