Can acute otitis media cause hearing loss in children?

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Acute suppurative otitis media is one of the common diseases that causes hearing loss in children. The peak age of onset is usually between 6 and 18 months. It is accompanied by hearing loss, tympanic membrane perforation and pus discharge. If not treated properly, it can develop into chronic otitis media, which is more likely to relapse.

Will acute otitis media cause hearing loss in children?

Acute otitis media may cause hearing loss. The severity of the disease varies from person to person and is affected by certain factors. Acute otitis media can also cause other adverse symptoms when it attacks, such as ear pain, fever, If there is leakage from the ears, etc., you should go to the otolaryngology department of the hospital promptly and let a professional doctor make a specific diagnosis and treatment.

The middle ear is the cavity that connects the tympanic membrane and the inner ear. If the middle ear is inflamed, it will cause the tympanic membrane to swell, thereby affecting hearing. In children, acute otitis media is often accompanied by pain and discomfort, and if left untreated, symptoms may worsen. If a child has long-term otitis media, the risk of hearing loss is higher. Therefore, parents should pay close attention to their children's ear health and seek medical attention promptly if they find that their children have symptoms such as tinnitus and hearing loss. At the same time, in children's daily life, parents should also pay attention to preventing the occurrence of otitis media and preventing children from catching cold and eating too much cold food.

If acute otitis media is not treated in time, it will affect the child's hearing. Parents should pay close attention to their children's ear health and seek medical treatment promptly to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Tips: Improper feeding posture is also a common cause of otitis media in babies. If the baby feeds in the supine position, if there is milk overflow during sucking, just wipe the area around the mouth. , this will increase the risk of your baby suffering from otitis media. Because the baby's middle ear is not fully developed and the muscle contraction force of the Eustachian tube is relatively small, the fluid in the pharynx can easily flow into the middle ear, so otitis media is prone to occur. Therefore, parents must pay more attention to the breastfeeding posture.