What is auditory speech rehabilitation training?

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Hearing is a function that human beings are born with, and language is a unique ability of human beings in the process of acquired development. Hearing: People with sound hearing ability use their innate hearing function to slowly acquire language through interpersonal communication, establish good interpersonal relationships through language, and promote the healthy development of social behavior and personality.

What is auditory speech rehabilitation training?

Auditory and speech rehabilitation includes two parts: auditory rehabilitation and speech rehabilitation. Auditory and speech rehabilitation training is a systematic training for special groups such as people with hearing difficulties or children with autism. Its purpose is to help them better understand and use language and improve their social and communication skills.

Language rehabilitation training methods for hearing-impaired children include auditory training, pronunciation training, language training, cognitive training, and communication training.
1. Auditory training: Develop children's auditory understanding ability, use hearing ability in communication activities, and make listening a child's lifestyle.
2. Pronunciation training: You can do tongue and lip exercises, oral airflow control exercises and other methods.
3. Language training: Instruct children on correct pronunciation, practice pronunciation more, and try to communicate in language without using sign language or lip language.
4. Cognitive training: Guide children to integrate listening and speaking into all aspects of their lives to develop their cognitive abilities.

5. Communication training: Instruct children to use sentence language to communicate when they want to express, use language to express their needs and emotions, communicate more, and establish a trusting emotional relationship with children.

Hearing and language rehabilitation training can promote the development of auditory function. The function of each human organ is "use it or lose it". Auditory training is a kind of training that carries out planned sound stimulation to the auditory organs and establishes stimulation connections to gradually form auditory concepts.

It can stimulate the hearing-impaired to realize the existence and importance of sound, and become more and more accustomed to using hearing to perceive and understand the surrounding things, thus promoting the development of auditory function.

  The purpose of auditory training is to allow hearing-impaired people to maximize their residual hearing or reconstruct their auditory systems through purposeful and planned auditory function training while wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants, and to cultivate good hearing-impaired people. Listening habits, as well as their ability to feel, identify, remember and understand sounds, thereby cultivating their speech hearing and acquiring sound language.

Auditory and speech rehabilitation training is of great significance to the rehabilitation of special groups of people. Through this training, they can better integrate into society and communicate effectively with others. At the same time, this kind of training can also help them explore their own potential and improve their self-confidence and quality of life.